Welcome to the Thurston County Democrats.  Thanks for stopping by!

We are proud of the long tradition of great national leaders coming from Washington State – from Scoop Jackson & Warren Magnuson to Maria Cantwell & Patty Murray – and we are proud of our role in getting them into office.  Our local, grass-roots work – knocking on doors, licking envelopes, making calls – has helped make America strong.

We also recruit, train, and elect candidates for local offices:  citizens just like you who are willing to step up to the challenge of community leadership.  By becoming an active local Democrat, you will get to know these leaders personally, and have the chance to influence state and local government in a positive way.

These are our Democratic values:

  • Working for a prosperous and just economy
  • A great educational system (including colleges our kids can afford)
  • A fair tax system
  • Full equality, regardless of gender, race, religion, orientation, or national origin
  • Social & economic justice
  • The right to organize
  • Peace abroad – and support for our troops when they come home
  • Environmental sustainability

These Democratic values made America great.  They’re values we’re proud to fight for.   

If you are dedicated to passing on a better world to our children and grandchildren, then you are one of us.  Rich or poor, moderate to progressive, whatever your race, religion, or walk of life… if you share our Democratic values, you are one of us. 

This is your Democratic Party.  Join us!  Help make us strong!

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